Shopping at Edgartown Clothing Company & Edgartown Kids

The Edgartown Clothing Company, formerly Boston Jean Company, sells woman's apparel of all kinds. — Photo courtesy of Edgartown Clothing Company

Last year was the Boston Jean Company’s first year in business on the Island, at 11 South Summer Street in Edgartown. Entering its sophomore year, they are making a name change to let people know that they have a lot more than jeans. The new name, Edgartown Clothing Company, invokes a feeling of a relaxed boutique, which is just what it is.

Owner and operator Susan Trachik says she, “made the store so everyone can shop there together. Moms and daughters can both come out with something they love.” Which, being a mother of six, she certainly knows the importance of not having to make too many trips for individuals.

The Edgartown Clothing Company will carry dresses, tops, jeans, hats, bags, jewelry, and accessories that are, “reasonably priced and keeping up with the current fashion trends,” according to Ms. Trachik.

Speaking of trends: “Fedora hats are really big,” she says. “Also tops are trending with a lot of lace and a little bit of ruffle. It is hard to find the right mix of ruffle, but I saw some customers this weekend put on these types of tops I had in the store that were white and cream-colored and they looked amazing. They are reasonably priced between $42 and $59.”

When asked what changes we might see in the newly renamed store, Ms. Trachik responded, “It will be just like last year, but even better. We will have a lot more jewelry and a much larger selection of hats ranging from $42 to $198, as we have seen an increase in hat popularity due to the impending royal wedding and the traditions of the English. We will also have a great deal more product this year as we are open much earlier than last year’s July 4th opening. We are adding in a new line of tee-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and mugs featuring our new logo. The tee-shirts will have a distressed, washed out, surplus feel to them.”

As if re-opening a store for its sophomore season wasn’t enough, Ms. Trachik decided to take over the small building across the street at 10 South Summer Street and open a new kids store, called Edgartown Kids. When questioned as to why she decided to open an additional store, she found it easy to say “why not?” due to the fact she’s been in the children’s business for 29 years.

“I felt it was the perfect size for a little something extra. It is an excellent location with the Winnetu Resort parking right in front of the building. I went with the colors of royal blue and white, which is prevalent throughout the store, and our logo, which is an anchor. We will have one wall dedicated to grab items for kids that will each be displayed in tin can buckets. These grab items will range from dolls, rockets, and sparklers, while being priced between $3.95 to $8.95. It will be a great option to keep the kids happy while mom and dad shop in town.”

Ms. Trachik, who opened her first store at age 24 called Young at Heart, a children’s clothing and toys store in Scituate, Mass., still has a soft spot in her heart for children. She is really excited for the “Bow Bar” in the Edgartown Kids store. She described it as being a great project for mothers and daughters to do together. “It is a table with five different sections of colors — pink, blue, green, navy blue, and white — that will each have a variety of styled bows, headbands, etc. so that you can build your own hair accessory.”

Ms. Trachik is also looking forward to Edgartown Kids Thursday night Edgartown Underground event beginning at the end of May. Customers will be able to go into a special section of the store to find items at a really reduced price ranging from $10 to $30, but only between the hours of 5 and 10 pm.

And she also points out the large variety of special-order items that can be monogrammed accordingly for anything from baby gifts to their Rocking Boat.

Edgartown Clothing Company is currently open Thursday through Monday and will open every day later in May. Edgartown Kids will have their soft opening this weekend. For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.