So much to report this week: where do I start? Well, first things first, our bell is back on the Old Whaling Church after being shipped away for repairs. Since I’ve been living downtown the past few months, it has been interesting to hear the chiming of the various church bells and think back on when that was the primary means of figuring out the time for an entire village.

I was thrilled yesterday afternoon to spy an OPEN sign in the window of the Ice Cream and Candy Bazaar. So many years of memories packed into one little room. I remember when my mother and Nancy Whipple would send us kids downtown with a dollar in our pockets and we’d fill the little wicker baskets with our favorites and carry back the white paper bags filled with treats. Or Sunday nights, walking “downstreet” (as recent birthday boy Tony Bettencourt Sr. would say) to get a cone of mint chocolate chip to lick on the docks while the sun went down.

Well, yesterday I stuck with the old favorites — gummy worms and candy buttons (which we used to call “pills” as kids — my, how things have changed). As I exited the store, chewing on my newly acquired candy necklace, a friend remarked, “you look like a seventh grader.” Mission accomplished!

Speaking of ice cream, in the interest of bringing things full circle, I feel compelled to report that Dairy Queen once again counts butterscotch dip among its myriad offerings. May we all share in this victory. (Also, thanks Erika!)

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting David Warner, who divides his time between Edgartown and, my second favorite place on earth, New Orleans. We had a nice conversation about friends in common on both ends, although Mr. Warner is guilty of what my father would call a violation: he is a proud, ballcap-wearing Yankees fan. Forgivable? Only time will tell.

Speaking of violations, because I know you all like to be kept abreast of the goings-on in the trees near my father’s shed, there is currently a squirrel residing in the owl house. This is a serious violation. We spied him peeking smugly out of the house’s hole Sunday morning. Hopefully, my husband or brother has borrowed the pellet gun and forgotten to return it, as is the fashion, or else we’ll be hanging the Vacancy sign on the owl house again soon enough.

Congratulations to Kurstin Meehan on completing her EMT certification. Kurstin is fresh back from skiing Jay Peak with her father, Cliff, and twin sister, Jackie, who currently lives in Discovery Bay, Calif. Sounds like they had a great time.

Amanda Brown was in town visiting Kathie and Ralph Case, which was lucky because, with all of the playoff and regular-season sports going on right now, Amanda is always helpful in keeping all the game times straight.

Don’t forget about the fundraiser for Kevin Searle this Saturday at the P-A Club, beginning at 6 pm. The event will include a silent and live auction and a potluck, all in support of a beloved Edgartonian. For more info, call Barbara Phillips at 508-726-5129.

Parents, prom time is almost here. The Youth Task Force invites you to a free evening of food and an opportunity to discuss prom safety tips with other parents of MVRHS juniors. It’s on May 10 at 5:30 pm at the MV Hebrew Center. To reserve your space, email Ytf.theresa@yahoo.com. You can also visit the organization’s Facebook page or go to www.youthtaskforce.org.

Happy 60th birthday to Tom Taylor, who celebrates May 7. Hope you have a lovely time.