Jirka Pavelka is back in town after a long winter’s nap, ready to toss the pizza dough. Jennifer LoRusso, daughter of Judy and Frank LoRusso, along with her main squeeze Joel Glickman are the newest managers of the Chilmark Store. They opened up one week ago and are very enthusiastic about their newest adventure. Last Wednesday, the team fired up the pizza oven and shared the round cheesy delights with the students and staff of the Chilmark School. The bellies were full for the afternoon and all were giggling over the tasty surprise. There was some talk about deep dish slices not making the menu, but I am assured that the slice that makes a meal will be offered up once again.

Carol Merry, along with her daughter Jessica Koenig, jetted off to the Big Apple to visit a family friend and celebrate the royal wedding. While in town they managed to squeeze in a couple of Broadway shows — “Anything Goes” and “War Horse,” both fantastic. Amid all of the excitement, the girls managed to fit in a trip to Barney’s where all of the hippest designers are in fashion.

The Flynn family — Karen, Michael, and Jackie — better known as the gang from the Bite, are planning to be in town with fresh grease in the fryer on May 20. Life ’round the shore is more than just seagulls and the morning men’s club at the Texaco these days. Betsy and Christine, along with a few more familiar faces that haven’t shown themselves since last fall, are back at the fish market whipping up hot crab cakes, chowder, and more. The restrooms are back open and thanks to Seth Karlinsky there are new ramps, a new mirror, and a few other spruced up items.

Kateryna Yermakova has returned from a winter spent in Washington, D.C. She is back behind the counter at Menemsha Fish Market helping out Stanley and Lanette. She will soon venture up the hill to her job at the Beach Plum.

Welcome back to Dr. Charles Plotz and his lovely bride, Lucille. They are settled back in to their Flanders Lane home.

That man we all know for his “Mopeds are Dangerous” bumper stickers, Sam Feldman, shared a proud father moment. Daughter Leigh Feldman, big-time literary agent, joined the team at Writer’s House earlier this winter. Among others, she continues to represent Sarah Dessen, the author of best-selling teen/young adult fiction.

Andy Bluestein and his fiancée (did I just let the cat out of the bag? Congratulations!), Stephanie Sprout, spent a night at the Bluestein family home on Larsen Lane. The couple traveled from their home in Portsmouth, N.H., with their newest family member in tow. Bridger, the adorable black puppy, is named after the Bridger Mountains in Bozeman, Montana, that call to avid skiers.

Wednesday, May 25, the library will have wildlife biologists Liz Baldwin and Luanne Johnson in house to share photos, video, and life history information on piping plovers, terns, and oyster catchers, and Island-wide efforts to protect them. The free program starts at 5:30 pm and is geared towards an audience ages 10 and up.

Wednesday, May 25, is also the evening of the annual Martha’s Vineyard/Dukes County Fishermen’s Association dinner held at the Home Port. The association does its best to represent local fishermen on fishery issues and strives to educate our community, steeped in maritime history, about the industry and the issues all levels of fishing face these days. Contact Warren Doty with any questions you might have.

Speaking of the Home Port, there’s a new chef in town. (Do you perhaps get my little play on words? It goes something like there’s a new sheriff in town.) Chef Teddy Diggs is the new kid on the block, coming to us from Washington, D.C. The Culinary Institute of America graduate was most recently the executive chef at Ripple in D.C. Teddy will settle in the basin with his lovely bride and two kids.

Saturday, May 28, the Chilmark Community Church will hold its annual yard and plant sale. Between 10 am and 1 pm, stop by to check out the vegetable and herb seedlings, perennials, collectibles, and household items for sale. Consider the added bonus of being able to grab a lobster roll for lunch, too.

Happiest of birthdays to Tupper, the cute white pony you see as you drive by the Bliss Pond Farm fields on North Road. Tupper celebrated his 14th birthday with his friends Bella Thorpe, Mini Whinnie, and a few other humans. He had a carrot cake with carrots rather than candles. He was brushed. His hooves were covered in glittery polish. He felt the love on Friday the 13th.