Many friends and relatives came to the Island to take part in the celebration of the wedding of Heather Chapman and Paul Angelastro on Saturday. Guests came from the north and south and far west. The sun even came out to honor the bridal couple. These two began married life with a devoted cadre of adoring relatives. There were the very young flower girls dancing down the aisle with rose petals, and the 90-year-old great-aunt, whose reading was the only one not needing a microphone. Then there was the unusual wedding dessert enjoyed by the guests — red velvet cake with a delicious cream cheese frosting.

Did you notice that when the sun finally came out, so did the tourists? They were wandering in front of cars whose drivers had forgotten that some of our seasonal visitors seem to believe our cars are only toys.

Remember we need these people to boost our economy, so it’s time to get back into summer mode with more careful driving. There ought to be a law that makes pretty young girls and truck drivers hang up their cell phones while driving. These especially don’t seem even to realize they are distracted from traffic matters.

Have the signs gone up extending the parking hours on Main Street? Now perhaps you have time to eat a quick lunch and do a little shopping. This is something that should have been done years ago.

Louisa Gould Gallery is holding a reception to honor several artists on Saturday from 5 to 7 pm. See new works by Doug Kent, Cindy Kane, Chris Pendergast, and Donna Blackburn. Also works by Alan Eddy, Gray Park, and Maya Farber. John Holladay’s Sport Art will be on exhibit as well.

Enjoy “The Importance of Being Earnest” on Tuesday at 7 pm at our library. It should be a rare treat with both Judi Dench and Reese Witherspoon in this romantic comedy.

There will be no children’s programs during June at the library, but there is Story Time for Grownups on Wednesday at 7 pm. Actor Diane Quaid will read from Pearl Buck’s short story collection “East and West.” “India, India” takes place before India won its independence from the British Empire. It follows a British widower’s attempts to understand his new wife, a young widow.

A new program for moms and dads of preschoolers will run every Thursday in June from noon to 1 pm at the Family Center at the Regional High School. You can learn more about children’s fitness, food, and sleep issues. It’s free.

During this past month we have lost several special people from our Island community. Many of us will treasure our memories of Joe Cressy, Jane Brown, and Art Railton. Each will be remembered for having made our community a better place.

Tomorrow is the March to the Sea with the Tisbury School children leaving the school at 12:30 pm. Students walk to Owen Park by way of Spring Street and Main Street where they will toss flowers into the harbor, in honor of those who gave their lives for our country. You don’t want to miss this. It will be held in the gym should it dare to rain.

Memorial Day is Monday. For a change it actually falls on May 30th. Your help is needed to put up the Avenue of Flags at the Oak Grove Cemetery. The 425 flags go up at 7:30 am and come down at 3 pm. If you are averse to getting up early on a holiday, you should know that the veterans also need a few more hands to take down the flags in the afternoon.

The Memorial Day parade leaves the Legion Hall at 9:30 am. Members of fire and police departments are welcome to march, as are Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. They will go to the cemetery for a brief ceremony and then return to the Legion Hall for refreshments. Ed Colligan says that the veterans do appreciate your help with the flags as well as your attendance at the parade.

Don’t forget the town picnic is also on Monday from noon to 4 pm at the waterworks. VTA buses on regular routes will stop at the Tashmoo overlook.

Congratulations to Cheryl Stark and to Margie Meltzer who have been partners for 39 years in business and in life. Their anniversary is Saturday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to some special young ladies. Happy birthday to Victoria “Honey” Campos who will be 82 years young. Also our greetings that day to Kristina Ivory, Kylie Townes, Betsy Edge, and Ann Haller.

Celebrating birthdays on Saturday are Steve Mussell and Cheryl Stark. Sunday belongs to Jane Pallatroni Chandler. We also send her mother Connie our best wishes for a rapid recovery.

Start the month of June with best wishes to Leslie Digby Rizza and Megan Buchanan. Megan turns sweet sixteen on the 1st.

Heard on Main Street: Fly your country’s flag on Monday to honor our veterans. See you at the town picnic.