American, National All-Stars split Little League twin-bill

Mercer Kelly of the Tigers slides safely into third before the Cubs' Joe Davies can apply the tag. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

National League defeats American Leaguers

The National League teams defeated the American League teams in the Major League half of Sunday’s All Stars double-header at Veira Park, Oak Bluffs, in a game marked by effective pitching and fielding, 2-1.

The Nationals scored in the top of the first inning. With two outs, Jonas Lukowitz drew a base on balls and scored when Jacob Cardoza’s long drive to center went for a triple.

The Nationals scored their second run in the second inning. Nick Vukota walked, went to third on an infield error and scored on a wild pitch.

The American Leaguers loaded the bases with one out in the third, but Avery Minor lined out to third and Nainoa Cooperrider popped out to short.

The Americans were shut out until the final (sixth) inning. Graham Lewis singled, went to second on a passed ball, stole third, and scored on a wild pitch.

Major All Star Roster

The National League roster included Sam Bresnick, Jack Reagan, Curtis Fournier and Zack Danz of the Pirates; Chris Mayhew, Jacob Cardoza, Aiden Aliberti, and Joe Davies of the Cubs, Jonas Lukowitz, Tristan Araujo, Nick Vukota and Louis Neville of the Cardinals.

American Leaguers were: Avery Minor, Jeff Cimeno , James Sashin, and Lewis Graham of the Red Sox, Nianoa Cooperrider, Cam Maciel, Aksel Cooperrider, and Nick Fiore of the A’s; and Tigers John Morris, Mercer Kelly, Noah Hoyt, and Mitchell Chaves.

American League Minors win 16-7

In the Minor League All Star game, bats trumped pitching and a combined total of 23 runs crossed the plate.

League rules permit no more than four runs per inning. The American Leaguers scored the maximum in the fifth inning, three in the first, fourth, and sixth, one in the second, and two more in the third.

The Nationals also scored in every inning except the sixth: one in the first, second, and fourth innings, two in the third and fifth.

Minor All Star rosters

The Minor League contest Nationals were: Marlins Pete Burke, Tony Cimeno, and Frances Boyle; Rockies Garrett Broadley. Scotty Lively; the Reds Ryan Scanlon, Mike O’Brien, Will Bruguiere, and Ken Hatt.

The Minors American Leaguers were: Joe Serpa, Benny Bunker, August Pizzano, and Davis Packer of the Twins; Summer Cordoza, Gabe Schriver, Kenton Aliberti, and Andrew Marchand of the Rays; Richard Bartlett, Bryce Nightlinger, Patrick Dutton, Otto Osmon and Owen Portferfield of the Orioles.

Major League Standings

Team win loss tie R for R against

Cubs 7 3 0 49 15

A’s 7 3 0 67 37

Pirates 5 4 0 34 53

Tigers 3 6 0 37 69

R. Sox 2 7 0 28 43

Minor League Standings

Twins 8 0 0 113 58

Marlins 6 3 0 89 63

Rays 3 5 1 102 112

Orioles 3 5 0 78 76

Reds 3 5 1 91 92

Rockies 1 8 0 57 129