Ever have one of those weeks where nothing quite falls into the right place? I took notes on interesting topics, had envelopes with stories passed along to me to share, and yet none of this will make it in this week’s column since I, somehow, managed to misplace them. I will make do with what has been emailed to me (my preferred method of information-gathering and wing it with the rest.

My apologies to you, Bill Edison. You arrived back in town, hand-delivered me information and, alas, I do not have the information in front of me to share with the masses. I promise, there will be double the press next week for the Flanders Field softball games and you, my very dedicated sports commentator.

Starting this week, the library is open for its summer hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, 10:30- 5:30; Wednesday from 10:30-7:30; Thursday from 2:30-6:30; and Friday from 10:30-1:30 are the times during which you will find the doors unlocked, Ebba, Kristen, Irene, and friends behind the counter or milling about, and the children’s room full of avid readers.

On Tuesday, June 14, from 5 to 7 pm, Understanding Medicare will be the topic of a discussion with Mary Leddy and Cynthia Mitchell. On Wednesday the 15th, 5:30 to 6:30 pm “Are you getting enough sleep?” is the topic to be presented by our town nurse Laura Murphy. Both of these free events are part of Health Week at the Chilmark Library.

The Chilmark School garden is in need of garden stewards. Lizzy Bradley, our school’s green thumb, has called out to all school families to dedicate one week of their summer to tending to our crops. Watering, weeding, and gathering are on the to-do list. Call the school at 508-645-2562 if you have a little time to share with the plants, dirt, butterflies, bees, and weeds.

Taylor Gould, a Connecticut College student and the assistant director of the Community Center’s summer program, was kind enough to let me know that the Center’s pre-registration is now available at their website: Start your registration process online to simplify and speed up the process. Can you believe it’s nearly time to see all those tie-dyed shirts blowing in the breeze and kids running around playing some crazy game with rules I can’t even begin to follow?

If it’s time for the Center, then it’s time for the Flea Market, too, at the Jenkinsons’ field on North Road. Hours are 9 am to 2 pm, Wednesday and Saturdays, from June 29 to September 3. If you need information or want to donate some time to the cause, call 508-645-3100.

After the Martha’s Vineyard youth soccer boys under-11 win (2-1) over Oceana, a whole group of soccer enthusiasts including: Gabe Ambulos and his parents Mary and Perry, Ben Taylor and his father Stephen, Adam Knight and his dad Peter, Cary More Straton and his dad Juan, Matt Poole, Jimmy Morgan and others joined over 64,000 soccer fans at Gillette Stadium to watch U.S. vs. Spain. Despite the 4-0 win for Spain (the World Champions), it was an awesome game for the young players to experience.

Billie Hancock is back in town, spending some time at the Creek and with her grandson Christian Carroll who is finishing up his kindergarten year at the Chilmark School. Ms. Billie got to see him in action after school the other day when she was the lucky one who got to pick him up. What fun it is to watch your child or, in this case, grandchild running and playing with friends until he is so hot and tired that he will inevitably doze off in the back seat of the car. Yes, I am speaking from experience.

Did the winter lend itself to an accumulation of stuff in your attic or basement? Why don’t you consider boxing it up and donating it to the Chilmark School PTO family yard sale. On Saturday, June 18, from 9 am to 2 pm at the CCC, the PTO will offer good, clean, stuff for sale at reasonable prices.

Also on the morning of the 18th, the Chilmark Church will hold its annual children’s fair. Pony rides, games, cupcakes and more will be available on the church lawn. Stop by both events for a little fun and community spirit.

They’re back. Barbara and Chris Murphy had the adventure of a lifetime. Two weeks in Borneo exploring the jungle and two weeks in Papua, New Guinea snorkeling. Viewing the red bird of paradise in the one place in the world in which they reside and seeing giant cuttlefish up close were the highlights. I have but two words: pictures please.