Our condolences go out to the family of Dr. Gretchen Jacobs, especially to her devoted children. Gretchen bravely faced her long and difficult battles with cancer. Many of us on this Island will miss her bright smile, calm manner, and loving heart. She was active in a variety of circles. She touched us all in many different ways. She will be treasured in our hearts and memories.

Everyone has been enjoying our brief flirtation with summer and now the cooler weather which allows us to get some outside work done. The window boxes full of flowers are brightening up Main Street and welcoming our early visitors.

So many people said they and their children had a grand time with neighbors and friends at the town picnic. Were you there? I have also heard very good comments about the young people who helped with the rowboats. All in all, our Memorial Day picnic was a huge success.

The residents at Windemere enjoy many programs but these cost money. Friday is the annual benefit auction with classic aviator plane rides, handmade furniture, and fly fishing opportunities. Enjoy Trip Barnes as auctioneer from 6 to 8 pm at the Ag Hall. There is also a silent auction and a raffle, as well as wine, sweets by pastry chef Frank Leonardo, and light fare provided by the M.V. Hospital and Cronig’s Market. Did I tell you the event is free?

Want to meet our state representative, Tim Madden? He’ll give an update on recent events in the legislature at the M.V. Democrats meeting on Saturday from 9:30 to 11 am at the Howes House in West Tisbury. The public is invited to attend.

What do you really know about nuclear power and its future? See the M.V. Film Society film on Saturday at the Katharine Cornell Theatre. The documentary called “Into Eternity” begins at 8 pm. Admission is $8 at the door.

Karen Achille says, “put on your glad rags and join me for some fun.” If you are over 55 and love the music of the Fifties and Sixties, then the Seniors’ Prom is for you. With or without dates, you can relive your youth on Saturday evening from 6 to 9 pm at the Oak Bluffs Senior Center. Enjoy your kind of music for dancing as well as light refreshments with Prom Punch. Call Rose at 508-693-4509 to make reservations. If your name is on her list, the cost is $7.50 a person. Otherwise cost is $10 at the door.

The annual tradition of celebrating Bloomsday began in Dublin. Bloomsday is a Celebration of Music and Drama by James Joyce. The 33rd annual celebration will be held here next Thursday at the Katharine Cornell Theatre. The program begins at 8 pm with jazz renderings by John Alaimo and Eric Johnson. Gerry Yukevich will perform from “The Dead” from “Dubliners.” Katrina Nevin, Buck Reidy, and Anna Yukevich will sing a medley of Victorian/Irish songs accompanied by Phil Dietterich. Lia Kahler will present two tunes by Samuel Barber set to poems by Joyce. Natalie Rose will enact Molly from “Ulysses.” Tickets ($15) are available at the door. Producer John Crelan notes that these are performances, not readings. Call 508-696-0539 for information.

The Gravestone Girls will give you a virtual tour of the Martha’s Vineyard cemeteries in a program at the Vineyard Haven Library on Tuesday, June 21, at 7 pm. Learn about the art and symbolism you can see in these special and interesting burying places found in our towns. Whether the carving depicts a lamb or cherubs or a rising sun, our forefathers have a message for us.

The Down Island Farmers Market starts on the Tisbury Wharf on June 28. The market runs every Tuesday through the summer. Vendor space is available. Call Noreen Baker at 508-693-9300 or email difm@tisburywharf.com.

During the week of June 22 the ServSafe Food Training classes begin at the high school with ACE MV. The class covering all necessary information is taught by Alice Robinson from 12:30 to 4:30 pm. Safe food handling practices are needed for all food service personnel. Exam and materials are included. Pre-registration is required. For more and to register go online to www.acemv.org.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go to Cody Chandler and to Ruth Stiller tomorrow. Our congratulations go to Ruth, who will be 89 years old. Ruthie, that is a lot of candles! Let us know if you want help in blowing them all out.

Wish the best on Saturday to Florence Koster. Happy birthday to Michael Noonan on Monday. Tuesday is Flag Day — fly the flag and wish a happy one to Madeline Fisher. Her art gallery, Fisher Gallery, is now open for the summer season on the Edgartown Road. Fredrick Nash will party on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: Can’t we just bottle this weather and save it for later?