8th-grade graduates from the Tisbury School. Front row: Alyssa Cimeno, Elizabeth Smith, Olivia Jardin , Evan Kristal, Willow Wunsch, Liam Smith, Samia Arado, Derek Rogers , Ethan Lefebvre, Kyle Dostal, Jennifer Rosado. Second row: Briane Donegan, Marcus Behr, Kayla Goldman, Nicklas Kent, Kaityln Seaton, Taylor Maciel, Aaron Teves, Karl Rasmus Sayre. Third row: Christopher Clark, Hamilton Walker, Ashlyn Tattersall, Joshua Boucher, Timmya Allen-Wright, Eleah Caseau, Megan Bischoff. Top row: Thomas J. Williams, Nicholas Cerrato, Grant Santos, Patryck Nascimento, Sergey Benier, Dennis Rose. Absent: Amanda Fielding, Michael Mussell, Philip Wickner, Anna Rosso.

Welcome to Lorna and Stanford Bennett, who are back at Brickman’s after waiting three years for a visa. They are always smiling, friendly, and helpful. From Jamaica, they will be here for the next 6 months.

This time of year you can find easy parking on Main Street in the evening. Tomorrow at 7:30 pm at the Bunch of Grapes bookstore, meet Cynthia Riggs, who will be talking about her new book “The Bee Balm Murders.” See you there.

On Saturday at 1 pm artist John Holladay will give a talk about his current exhibit at the Louisa Gould Gallery. John Holladay Sport Art features very detailed work picturing sports sites and events. Any sports fan will enjoy this feature.

Then you can enjoy strawberry shortcake. Why would anyone want just a smoothie when you can have shortcake and whipped cream? Both are available Saturday afternoon in West Tisbury. The Congregational Church’s strawberry festival is Saturday from 12 noon to 4 pm. What a treat!

Must be summer: The season begins next Tuesday for the weekly Down Island Farmers and Artisans Market on the Tisbury Wharf. Vendor space may still be available. Call Noreen Baker at 508-693-9300 or email difm@tisburywharf.com. Free parking from 9 to 1 while you shop for veggies or flowers or handicrafts.

Did I mention that you can also enjoy delicious lobster rolls on Tuesdays in Tisbury? You can get a good clam chowder, too. It is all at the American Legion Hall, across from the school, from 4:30 to 7 pm, every Tuesday this summer, to eat in or take out.

Another sign of summer — Beach Nesting Birds: a Peep Show for ages 10 through adult.

Learn about the fascinating lives of piping plovers, terns, and oystercatchers, which nest and raise their young on our Vineyard beaches. Wildlife biologists Liz Baldwin and Luanne Johnson will share photos and information on these birds and the Island-wide efforts to protect them. The new chicks have hatched. Find out how they are doing on Tuesday at 7 pm at the Vineyard Haven Library.

You can go early and admire the library’s extensive collection of art that is displayed throughout the year, including 12 paintings by Vineyard artist Captain John Ivory. In addition, the Art Wall features rotating monthly exhibits managed by the Friends of the Library.

And don’t forget the books for the beach. Of course, you would never take a hardcover book to the beach. But paperbacks are fine. You can borrow a paperback and return it or any other paperback to our library.

I am horrified by ads showing people reading their ebooks on the beach. I have a Nook and expect it surely would be ruined by blowing sand. You can never get all the sand out of your shoes, at any rate. But I do like to have a paperback for the beach.

Lynne Benson says the Heath Hen Yarn & Quilt Shop is now on summer hours — Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. New yarn and fabrics have arrived.

More than 20 Tisbury Senior Center volunteers and board members were honored at a luncheon late last month. A photograph of the group appears on mvtimes.com.

Happy anniversary to Fred LaPiana and his lovely wife, Jill.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Sumner Grover. Saturday, with lots of music in the air, belongs to Carly Simon. Wish the best on Monday to Leslie Craven, who is always turning 29, as well as to two other young women: Helen Issokson and Jean Cargill. Happy birthday to Emma Kristal and Barbara Harnen on Tuesday.

Heard on Main Street: Summer people, some are not.