Brewhas rock Catboats, Blazers win in men’s softball


The Blazers topped the Sons of Pitchers at Veterans War Memorial Park, Monday, 13-9, in a game that saw just one home run, that by Billy Panek of the Blazers. Not a few of the players remarked about the softness of the ball which several called “mush.” The Blazers scored in every inning, while the S.O.P. crossed the plate in each except the second.

The veteran Brewhas defeated the new kids on the block, the Catboats, in an abbreviated contest, 16-1. The game was shortened by the league’s 15-run mercy rule. On a team replete with old hands, it was a rookie named Gebo who impressed at the plate hitting the game’s only four bagger, as well as a ground rule double.

Last night, last year’s champion Highlanders took on the Brewhas and the Treds confronted the Hurricanes.