Menemsha is now complete. Kevin, Liz, Solon, Barrett, Delilah, and Hollis Oliver along with Beth Mayhew and a few other worker bees are back in the basin with the doors of Menemsha Market open to customers from 7 to 9 pm daily. With a whole wonderful supply of organic produce on the shelves and in the coolers, you can stock up on all of your grocery needs without leaving town. Don’t forget to pick up a pear-shaped candle to complete your dinnertime table scape. I hear they are selling like crazy. The number at the market is 508-645-3501. Give them a jingle if you have any questions about what’s in store.

The torture tank, as we fondly refer to it as, is back on the dock. Some of you might know it as the touch tank or Brooks’s Fish Market (although nothing is for sale). After only a half-hour on the dock in its 2011 summer season, the tank was loaded with crabs. Not only did the Oliver kids come by for a visit, but a group of young adults from Taiwan stopped to check out the little pinchers.

Today at 5 pm in the library learn how to unstuff your life with Andrew Mellen. He is, apparently, one of the country’s most sought-after professional organizers and will be sharing some of his ideas and plans on how to achieve “organizational bliss.” I know a lot of you in town have the Flanders-Mayhew genes. That, by definition, means you are collectors. This might be a great way to come up with some awesome ways to organize your treasures.

The Chilmark Tavern, under the management of Jenna Petersiel, is ready to serve you dinner starting at 5:30 pm seven days a week. I hear their onion rings totally rock the house, so I am anxious to get myself a basket full. The last time I spoke with Jenna I shared my little secret — I think I could live on onion rings, cheese pizza, and strawberry shortcake. Surprisingly enough, I think I have all the food groups covered with my choices. Sadly, I missed the strawberry festival at the West Tisbury Church last weekend. Kathie Carroll and Emily Broderick stopped by and said they thought of me. That’s not quite as good as eating it myself, but it’s a close runner-up.

The 2011 Summer Children’s Reading Program began on June 27 and runs until September 3. The process is simple: stop by the library and sign your child up for the program. Signing up and reading books entitles your child to one weekly coupon. Coupons for your reader include treats at Chilmark Chocolates, the Bite, the Galley, the Texaco, and more. The summer reading program has a big kick-off on Saturday, July 2, at the Ag Hall with juggler Bill Ross. The 11 am show is yours for the viewing after a $3.00 admission fee is paid. For an extra $1.00 arrive anytime after 10:00 am and have your face painted. Proceeds will go to the Martha’s Vineyard Library Association.

Njål Høstmælingen, managing partner at the International Law and Policy Institute in Oslo, Norway, will speak at the Chilmark Library on Wednesday, July 6 at 5:30 pm. His talk is called “Foes or Friends? Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in Europe Today.”

Save that date! Rising Tide Therapeutic Equestrian Center will hold its summer cocktails & auction fundraiser on July 7 from 6 to 9 pm. Friend and neighbor Rebecca Miller of North Tabor Farm is the president of the organization and the event is being held at the Cagney Estate on North Road. Cocktails, hors d’œuvres, live music and very cool auction items await you. Tickets are available at or call 508-693-1185 for details.

Mmmm. Milk. Creamy. Rich. Smooth. I like it cold. Very cold. You enjoy it most when it is poured out of a glass bottle that is adorned with a tag around its neck that reads “from our beautiful grass-fed cows.” The milk from Eric, Molly, Noah, and Jakie Glasgow’s cows is being sold at the Farmer’s Market, 7a Foods and, I believe, Morning Glory. But, alas, I haven’t made it to Edgartown to verify first hand.

Landon Steere is back manning the pumps at the Texaco. He has finished up his sophomore year in high school and now has his driver’s license under his belt. Brigida Larsen is behind the counter this summer at Larsen’s Fish Market. She happily greets you with a smile and is getting more and more courageous as the days go on. Yes, those lobsters look mighty fierce in the tanks before they are boiled, grilled, or baked for dinner.