Just the right amount of color, water and sun

Flowers that attract butterflies include daisy, cosmos and salvias.

Remembering just a few simple tips can help transform an ordinary garden into a blossoming patch with gorgeous butterflies.

At the Polly Hill Arboretum, Susie Bowman of Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary taught a quick lesson on how to attract butterflies, and the audience members walked away with new ideas for their flower gardens.

This early Tuesday morning talk inspired gardeners to look for local plants that would provide shelter for caterpillars and to learn more about Martha’s Vineyard’s native butterflies.

Ms. Bowman said, just as human beings need food and water, so do butterflies. Their basic needs include at least six hours of sunshine, especially in the afternoon, a small structure for wind protection, water, and food.

While building a condition in which butterflies can thrive and reproduce is important, looking out for hazardous factors, such as insect-eating birds, is also key.

In the video, Ms. Bowman explains more in detail ideal butterfly gardening methods.