Children’s writer Susan Stockdale at Edgartown Books


Susan Stockdale keeps winning well-deserved awards for books she both writes and illustrates.

Her words are well-chosen for the kids who will read them:

Swooping birds,

whooping birds,

birds with puffy chests.

Dancing birds,

diving birds,

birds with fluffy crests.

And the illustrations (see two covers) are an absolute delight for everyone who appreciates bright colors and deceptively simple yet stunning designs.

This is material so beautifully prepared that kids cannot find equivalents on the web: they need these books for well-researched authentic info and pictures.

Two of her latest, “Fabulous Fishes” and “Bring on the Birds,” are well worth adding to any Vineyard home’s coffee table or children’s bookcase.

Her book on birds includes a broad gamut, from the Great Horned Owl, Great Frigatebird, Blue-footed Booby, to the Ostrich and American Robin.

For kids, ages 2 to 6, who may want to do further research, the author includes factual notes and other references.

Children’s author event with Susan Stockdale, Wednesday, July 13, 4–6 pm, Edgartown Books. Free. 508-627-8463;

Don Hinkle is a writer and cartoonist with a special interest in children’s literature, who works for The Times.