My avid and ever faithful sports commentator Bill Edison reported in on the fun and frolic that happens at Flanders Field during Sunday morning softball. He says the great thing about these softball games is that despite the amount of banter and taunting that takes place everyone genuinely likes each other. It was very clear at last week’s opening game when Arlen’s Angels rebounded from their 5-4 defeat to a 1-0 victory in their second game. Arlen Roth pitched the first one-hitter at Flanders Field while wearing the glove his daughter Gillian used until he lost her in a car accident over a decade ago. His beautiful daughter was with him as he whipped out those balls the batters could not connect with. Octogenarian Dan Pinck worked one inning as the relief pitcher. Apparently, his philosophy for getting folks out is to “never throw anything near the plate.” I wonder if this is a strategy he learned during his time as an OSS agent in WWII? On this fourth of July weekend, six walks were recorded in one inning. The game was protested and sent to the Commissioner’s office. “There are no walks in Chilmark,” Bill screamed loudly, “only hits, runs, and errors!” Don’t forget, first pitch is at 8:30 Sunday mornings at Flanders Field.

Martha’s Vineyard Magazine has announced its Best of the Vineyard winners for 2011. Congratulations to our Chilmark Winners: Menemsha tied with Wasque for the best fishing spot. Megan Grennan stretches and centers your mind and body during the best yoga class. The Home Port was voted the best seafood restaurant.

Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank won in the best bank category — Molly, Marilda, and Kathy are the nicest bunch of bankers to work with at the Cornerway branch.

The noteworthy Chilmark runners-up were: Menemsha Hills for the best nature walk.

Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival stood out near the top in the best movie theatre, festival, or series. Menemsha Blues for their tee-shirt design. Larsen’s Fish Market almost took top spot in the fish market category. The Bite was right up there with the best fried clams. I think the only reason Karen, Michael, and Jackie didn’t take top spot is they are so darn popular that the line takes people nearly to the end of Basin Road. (Okay, so that may be a slight exaggeration, but those folks are awesome, and manage to keep my eight-year-old filled up on mozzarella sticks from May to October.)

Don’t forget, the Flea Market has resumed for the 2011 summer season Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm at the Jenkinson’s field on North Road. Although I haven’t been to check it out firsthand, Pam Goff tells me there are quite a few new and different vendors and a new look to the field. I am not sure what the new look is, but it has piqued my curiosity to check it out. Nevia Steere, granddaughter of Ed Sussman, Heather Sommers, and the West Tisbury Steeres had a spot at the Flea where she sold her handmade friendship bracelets.

Pam Goff also shares that next Sunday, July 10, the Chilmark Church will host the Jim Thomas Spirituals Choir at 9 am and that all are welcome to stop in and enjoy.

Echo, Grumpy, Rhonda’s Revenge, Ancient of Days, Drew’s Cruiser, Lady Di, and more all made Menemsha their home this past weekend. This means Marshall David, Robert Allcock, George McLaughlin, Lobster Louie, and the gang sat a spell on Squid Row trading stories and catching up with Jim Morgan.

Bob and Emma Shalhopes’s grandchildren have checked on the touch tank each day during their visit. Much to our surprise, a pipefish gave birth on the 4th and nearly filled it to the brim with babies. Mary Boyd shares that it is the male that carries the eggs in a pouch like seahorses do.

Jan and John Wightman have lots of new things to share at their show at the Bank of M.V.-Chilmark. The dynamic artistic duo has added decorative ceramic tiles, glass cutting boards, and mother of pearl pendants, all with Island scenes. They are also offering many images on watercolor paper ready for framing and images printed on canvas wraps ready to hang. Their show runs from July 9 through 15 with an opening reception/party on Saturday, July 9, from 5 to 8 pm.

Brian Cioffi will be looking at the Boston Skyline from a different perspective. He will be going Over the Edge at the Boston Hyatt Regency on July 23 as part of a Special Olympics fundraising event. Rappelling down 24 stories sounds rather death-defying to me but Brian is game. If you’d like to support him and, in turn, the Special Olympics, go to, click on “Sponsor Edger,” and then type in Cioffi. It’s pretty simple.