The Oak Bluffs Arts District Art Stroll

"Lucy Vincent Beach" by Alison Shaw will be displayed at the Oak Bluffs Art Stroll Saturday night. — Photo courtesy of Alison Shaw

It’s one of those events that make you glad it is summer, glad to be on the Vineyard, and glad of the Island’s well-earned reputation as a place with an abundance of artistic talent. That reputation will be confirmed again for all those attending the first of the two annual Arts District Art Strolls being held this Saturday evening, July 9, in the Arts District on Dukes County Avenue in Oak Bluffs.

The gallery owners enthusiastically anticipate Saturday night, when new art and presentations will be revealed, libations will flow, and at Dragonfly Fine Arts Gallery, The New England Conservatory of Music Gospel Choir will perform. (Gallery co-owner, artist Susan Davey is the former CFO of the Conservatory.)

Ms. Davy says, “I think there is more and more energy around the art stroll, and people look forward to it, some even planning their visits around it.”

And Sue Dawson of Alison Shaw Gallery promises: “We’ll have lots of great new work from Alison, and good food and drink.”

The participating art galleries, all clustered together except for the new Shephard Fine ArtSpace (a short walking distance away on Uncas Avenue) include Alison Shaw Gallery, Stefanie Wolf Designs, Dragonfly Fine Arts Gallery, Periwinkle Studio, PIKNIK Art and Apparel, Lucinda Sheldon Enamels, and Amity Custom Ink — feature everything from jewelry to paintings, sculpture to photography, designer apparel to carved wood.

Every year, the stroll reveals new artists, different techniques, and special features. At Alison Shaw Gallery, Ms. Shaw will be signing her latest book, “Photographing the Vineyard.” Santa Fe sculptor Kevin Box will be greeting visitors and showing them around his “please touch” sculptures at Dragonfly. He first creates forms in paper then casts them in bronze, stainless steel, or aluminum.

“I find the stroll a great opportunity to meet people and show them my space, which has more than doubled since last year,” says jeweler Stefanie Wolf of Stefanie Wolf Designs. “I’ve got exciting new designs — multi-layers in multi-materials — and I can’t wait to present them to people in my studio.” She adds, “It’s like showing people my creative home base.”

In addition to his own work, Angel Quinonez of Amity Custom Ink will present the art of various regional artists. Mr. Quinonez says, “It’s an exciting time of year, and this is our kick-off.”

Arts District Art Stroll, Saturday, July 9, from 4 to 7 pm, Dukes County Avenue and Uncas Avenue, Oak Bluffs.