Gov Deval Patrick will discuss and sign book Saturday


Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will be at United Methodist Church’s Trinity Worship Center in Oak Bluffs and at Eliakim’s Way in West Tisbury on Saturday, July 23.

In Oak Bluffs, Mr. Patrick will give a talk and book signing, sponsored by the Museum of African American History and The Cottagers, Inc. of Oak Bluffs. His book, “A Reason to Believe: Lessons from an Improbable Life,” (Broadway, April 2011) tells the story of how a boy growing up on welfare was able to overcome obstacles and transform into an intellectually and politically successful man.

The rough neighborhood conditions in Chicago’s South Side coupled with the difficulties of growing up in a single-parent home would lead many to give up hope for anything better, but Mr. Patrick remained optimistic about his future. He credits this positive mindset to his mother, grandmother, and teachers’ loving and supportive natures, and when he was 14, he was offered a scholarship to Milton Academy in Massachusetts. His life was flipped upside down when he entered the Milton world of affluence and privilege, but it was there that he thrived. A few years later, he had enrolled at Harvard College and after graduation, went on to Harvard Law School. He went on to have successful careers in the corporate, legal, and political worlds.

Mr. Patrick’s work gives insight to his experiences and relationships. In an interview with NPR he once said, “I view the experiences that I have had — both the tough ones and the pleasant ones — as gifts. They’ve been full of lessons. And I’ve learned to be open to those lessons.”

Mr. Patrick will tour the Eliakim’s Way neighborhood on Saturday, from 12 noon to 1 pm, and the public is invited to attend.

Book signing and talk with Deval Patrick, 3 pm, Saturday, July 23, Trinity Worship Center, United Methodist Church, Oak Bluffs. Free. Books can be purchased at 2 pm. To RSVP, call 617-725-0022 or email at