Deborah T. Colter’s abstract landscapes

Deborah T. Colter in her Edgartown Studio. — File photo by Ralph Stewart

Artist Deborah T. Colter, Edgartown resident, mother of two sons, with a quiet serious demeanor and conservative style, who for many years waitressed at Harborside, Square Rigger, and Shiretown, might be mistaken for an ordinary person.

She is anything but ordinary.

The prolific artist, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, shows at Cousen Rose Gallery in Oak Bluffs, as well in galleries from Larchmont, N.Y. toChicago, from Atlanta, Ga. to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her distinctive abstract paintings are meticulously considered planes and layers of colors in well-ordered geometric landscapes. Using an adhering gel, she incorporates paper onto the surface, brushing them with colors that create surface textures. Her paintings reveal clarity, mastery, and confidence as she selectively employs mixed media, linear embellishments, and punctuations of color.

In her mission statement she writes: “Quite often I think of the view from an airplane window and how the surface below is mapped out by the intervention of the human hand. The roads, the buildings and homes, the congestion in contrast with open spaces and how those elements interact with natural elements and each other. There is somehow always an ordered sense of chaos, a quiet beauty, when the landscape is viewed from above…. My paintings have been influenced by the complexities of pattern, structure of lines, and vast open spaces discovered through those virtual travels.”

Paintings of Deborah T. Colter at Cousen Rose Gallery, 71 Upper Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs. 508-693-6656