Men’s Monday softball

Mike Capen of the Sons of Pitchers plowed into third base, enveloped in a cloud of dust. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

In the Men’s Summer Softball League Monday triple header, the Hurricanes ran away from the Treds, literally, 30-4. They simply never stopped running. The ‘Canes scored six times in the first inning, seven in the second, two in the third and 15 in the fourth. It was their tenth win against one loss, that to the Catboats. It was an off night for the Treds who fell to 4-5.

Also Monday the Wildcats edged the Highlanders in a high scoring dual, 29-23. The Feral Felines improved to 4-5. The Highlanders dropped to the same, 4-5.

In Monday’s third game, the Sons of Pitchers (2-5) won their second game of the season, surprising the Blazers, 19-14.

Not playing Monday: the Brewhas 8-1 and the Catboats 1-7.

Men’s Softball League Standings


Hurricanes 10 1

Brewhas 8 1

Highlanders 4 5

Treds 4 5

Wildcats 4 5

Blazers 3 7

Sons’Pitchers 2 5

Catboats 1 7