Women’s softball make up rain outs

Laurie Neal of the Creamers made contact for an infield hit against the Honeys. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

Tuesday was make up night for the Women’s Softball League at Tisbury’s War Veterans Memorial Park.

On the “wet field,” the Shady Ladies defense shut out the Late Fees, 3-0, collecting all of their runs in the bottom of the third inning.

On the larger field, it was the league leading Honeys with an 8-1 record versus the Creamers who, to everyone’s amazement had lost half of their games.

But the Creamers finally lived up to their name and lowered the boom on the Sweet Ones, 13-3.

By our figuring, the Women’s League standings look something like this:

Honeys 8-2, Snaps 7-3, Creamers 6-4, Shady Ladies 5-5, Late Fees 4-6, Rug Sox 0-10