Remember that wild thunder and lightning storm we had two Saturdays back? Well, did you hear about Juli Mahoney’s tree? During the storm Juli and three friends and one small child, Mikey, were in her home when they heard a very, very loud “Wham!” The house shook and things flew off shelves and Juli screamed, louder than she ever had in her entire life. Turns out that lightning had struck an approximately 30-foot oak tree that was about 18 inches in diameter, and it had fallen on Juli’s two propane tanks, almost dislodging them. Blessedly, everyone was okay and the tanks were fine, just a little unmoored. Juli said that after viewing the relatively little damage the tree had done to her tanks, the gas man was up all night thinking of what horrible things could have happened. There is still shrapnel from the tree stuck in various parts of the house and the electricity is a little screwy, but mostly it’s all okay, and after such a close brush with disaster Juli is so very grateful for everything she has.

Aquinnah is well represented in the August issue of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine: Albert Fischer’s photograph of a fishing boat off Philbin Beach receives honorable mention in the magazine’s annual photo contest. Spa Tharpe talks about his journey to Martha’s Vineyard and his passion for surfing on the Island in “Surfing in the Zone,” and Richard Skidmore discusses the Gay Head Light in “Illuminating Lighthouses.”

Tonight at the library from 5 to 7 pm there will be a concert produced by Emma Young, (Songs Outside: Gracious Calamity), Nate Sprague, and Kurt Weisman. Everyone of all ages are welcome to this folk concert of young musicians to be held on the front porch of the library. If you are in the mood for more music after that you can head to the Aquinnah Shop at 8 pm and catch Kahoots on their Island tour.

On Saturday morning at 6 am people will gather at the Lighthouse as they do every year to commemorate Hiroshima Day. Come with your prayers for and your vision of peace.

On Tuesday, Aug. 9, from 5 to 6:15 pm at the Old Town Hall the library lecture series continues with Arnold Zack’s talk, “Is there a future for Collective Bargaining?” And on Thursday, August 11, join Duncan Caldwell for his talk, “Are Neanderthal reconstructions wrong?”

If you need something a little more dramatic and danceable than a lecture series, check out these two events put together by Lexie Roth: on August 11 at Dive Bar starting at 9:30 pm there will be a night of dancing featuring NYC (via Ireland) DJ, Dominique Keegan and A Bordo (Lexie’s electronic persona) and then on August 13 you can board the Seastreak Boat in Oak Bluffs for a sunset cruise to Aquinnah — as long as you are dressed all in white, are over 21 and are ready to dance! The Nu Disco Party cruise is from 6:30-10:00 and tickets are $40, available at On the Cliffs, Alley’s, and the Seastreak office.

Saturday night at 8 pm there will be a special screening of the film “Charlotte” at the Chilmark Community Center presented by the MV Film Festival. There will be no Cinema Circus but the Circus will return the following Wednesday, Aug.10, at 5 pm.The feature film at 8 pm will be “The Other F Word” with the musician and one of the subjects of the film, Art Alexakis appearing for a Q&A after the film.

The Book Festival this Sunday runs from 11 am to 5 pm at the community center and features 25 authors speaking in tents during the course of the day. Authors include Geraldine Brooks, Ward Just, Joan Nathan, and Jessica Harris. Also speaking are Pulitzer Prize winner, Siddhartha Mukherjee for his acclaimed book, “The Emperor of All Maladies,” Alexandra Styron discussing her memoir, “Reading My Father,” and Sports Illustrated writer, Kostya Kennedy. The event is free, books are available for sale by Edgartown Books, and authors will be signing their books following their discussions. Food will be provided by the ArtCliff Diner Truck, which will be coming up to Chilmark for the event. For the complete book festival schedule go

This summer there are ongoing sign-ups for the MVPS Jr. High Cheerleading Program. All boys and girls in Grades 6-8 are welcome to sign up. This program incorporates leadership skills, teamwork, dance, choreography, community service, conditioning, and of course, cheers. If you would like more information or are ready to sign up your child, please call Sue Costello at 508-627-9568.

I have been reading and hearing so much about the late Ozzie Fischer who died last week, I am sorry that I never knew him. If you look at the family he has left behind and the stories about his farming life it is clear he had a knack for raising all kinds of life, vegetable, animal and human. And it seemed that he attended to all of them with respect, thoughtfulness, and kindness. Much love to the Fischer clan and to all that knew him. Count yourself lucky to have been in the grace of a fine man.