Island Influence defined

Suesan Stovall, mixed-media artist. — File photo by Lynn Christoffers

“The Island Influence is hugely horizontal. Land, ocean, and sky are all sideways things, and anything vertical sooner or later gets blown over by the wind. This is reflected in most Island art, consciously or not.”

Dan Waters, artist & poet

“The Island Influence is light and character.”

Kib Bramhall, painter

“The Island Influence is nurturing. The different seasons nurture the enfoldment of my forms.”

Jennifer McCurdy, ceramicist

“The Island Influence is nature and the outdoors.”

Ben Cabot, sculptor

“The Island Influence is the influence of my childhood surroundings, which I have translated into art.”

Julia Mitchell, weaver

“The Island Influence is

the light on the cliffs,the ocean, The Ritz.The magic of knowingthe vision pits.Sunrise, sunset,my friends and their pets.The love I have known,the grace I’ve been shown,this Rock’s got a rhythm all of it’s own.”

Suesan Stovall, mixed media artist