BrantAsil run the table to win Vineyard summer basketball title.

Jade Cash (left) of BrantAsil and Mac Hoggan of the Mopeds battled for a loose ball. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

BrantAsil defeated Mopeds Are Dangerous in the final playoff game of the Oak Bluffs Summer Basketball League at Niantic Park, Saturday. The victors compiled a perfect 14-0 record in the process.

Mopeds Are Dangerous jumped off to a 13-0 lead in the opening minutes. BrantAsil began a successful campaign to catch up when Asil Cash dropped a 10-footer half way through the 20-minute period and tied the score at 21 with 9:44 to go in the first half.

At the half time break the BrantAsil were up by four, 39-35.

The teams swapped goals, remaining close in a physically demanding game but BrantAsil managed to maintain a lead however slim.

With little less than two minutes remaining on the clock the Mopeds adopted a frequently used, seldomly successful, intentional foul strategy to stop the clock. As usual, the strategy managed only to give BrantAsil a series of free shots at the hoop, half of which they sank, pulling ahead to win 70-59.

High scorers for the winning BrantAsil were Jade and Asil Cash with 19 and 18 points respectively.

Top scorers for the Mopeds Are Dangerous were Dan Birtwell and Jess Swaringen.