Hooray for the Chappy EMTs and all who helped


To the Editor:

On Sunday, the day Irene arrived, our seven-year-old grandson broke his arm. We knew the Chappy ferry was locked down due to the weather, so our initial concern was high. Yet, all it took was one phone call, and we quickly saw first hand the quick efficiency and dedication of emergency services here on Chappy.

Peter Wells immediately pulled a crew together to man the Chappy ferry. EMTs from Chappy drove the ambulance to the ferry to take August over to the Vineyard hospital. August spent the night with his father at the hospital in the emergency room and then was taken by ambulance the following morning to Children’s Hospital in Boston for surgery.

Everything happened seamlessly. We are so grateful to the Chappy EMTs, Peter ,and all on the ferry who did not hesitate to help out in very difficult conditions, as well as everyone at the Vineyard hospital.

We also have a good friend, Win Self, an orthopedic surgeon who drove from Cape Pogue during the height of the storm to see if he could assist.

Chappaquiddick is a very special island. It is a wonderful feeling to know there are so many Chappy islanders who are ready to help when needed. Our sincere thanks to you all.

Louise and Graham Marx

Chappaquiddick and Haverford, Pa.