It was a pit bull, after all


To the Editor:I was recently told that more people are killed by cows than by pit bulls, so I suppose we should have considered ourselves lucky to find a pit bull, and not a cow, roaming around our yard last night. Even so, an unknown pit bull in the yard is not a particularly welcome sight, especially when you would like to walk across the yard with your daughter in order to get to your house. While this dog may have been friendlier than even Ferdinand, the peace-loving cow, we decided not to find out.

I am requesting that, for the consideration of your neighbors, the owners and caretakers of dogs that belong to breeds with tarnished reputations make sure their dogs are securely enclosed in their yards or houses. The rest of us have no way of knowing if your roaming Fido is a Ferdinand, or not.

Kate Feiffer

Oak Bluffs