A most educational conversation


To the Editor:

Many thanks to Wampanoag Tribal Cultural Council director Linda Coombs for hosting Geraldine Brooks at the Vanderhoop Homestead this past Wednesday.

The discussion and Q&A about Geraldine’s latest book, “Caleb’s Crossing,” was most educational. Given the book’s international acclaim and distribution, many people around the globe are learning for the first time about the existence of our Island’s Wampanoag Tribe.

As well, many people are learning for the first time about Wampanoag tribal member Caleb, who was so brilliant that he quickly embraced a foreign culture while also learning the languages of English, Latin, Greek, and many other subjects — and was the first Native American to graduate from Harvard in 1665.

Kudos to the Wampanoag Tribe and Geraldine for bringing attention to Caleb’s contribution to the culture of our Island and to our country.

William Waterway