Martha’s Vineyard Museum holds its Art Party

Allen Whiting and Alison Shaw, standing in front of a watercolor painting by Andrew Moore, share a happy thought. — Photo by Meg Higgins

This past Saturday, Sept. 17, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum held its fourth annual You can’t spell mARTha’s vineyard without A-R-T party at Shephard Fine ArtSpace in Oak Bluffs. The museum hosted a dinner with artists Traeger diPietro, Paul Karasik, Meg Mercier, Lucy Mitchell, Andrew Moore, Alison Shaw, Kara Taylor, Kenneth Vincent, David Wallis, Allen Whiting, Rez Williams, and Marsha Winsryg atttending. Two artists were seated at every table, moving to new tables as the different courses were served, giving everyone the chance to talk with as many artists as possible.Paul Karasik drew an impromptu chariacture during the dinner course, based upon concepts suggested from the audience, and asked the diners to offer the caption.The drawing was later put up for auction.

And a fine time was had by all.