A delight


To the Editor:

It was indeed a delight to attend the award presentation by the Massachusetts Cultural Council to Pia Webster last Thursday. Pia’s devotion and contribution to our local cultural council (LCC) has empowered hundreds of creative people to share their talents with our Island. She has volunteered untold hours to helping the art community connect with the public. I truly appreciate the recognition of her contribution, but wish to make one correction.

The 12-piece installation I painted at the YMCA was awarded a LCC materials grant, but the artwork itself was donated by Tim and Katherine Goodman, in memory of their mother, Jean Goodman, who died last year. Jean Goodman blessed many Island charities with her quiet generosity, and when she died, Tim and Katherine endowed this project, as yet another gift for Islanders. I am most grateful to both the local cultural council and the Goodmans for their support of this wonderful project, and to you, Gwyn McAllister, and the MV Times for your support over the decades.

Happy fall.

Margot Datz