He’s looking for an invite


To the Editor:

Gene Sisco and Joyce Steves Storm of 93 South Water Street, Edgartown probably don’t like publicity (Wage Dispute Leads to Suit by Immigrant Workers at Posh Edgartown House, The Times, September 22). I’m sure their nearly $6 million, 4,700 square foot house is beautiful, and I hope to get an invitation soon. I can almost taste the caviar and champagne.

Because what I really want to ask them is why they allegedly refused to pay the Brazilian workers the money they were allegedly owed. Also, how could they afford to hire Geoffrey McCullough, senior counsel of a prestigious Boston law firm. He can’t be cheap.

I’m also curious about why Mr. McCullough moved the case from the local Superior Court to U.S. District Court, where the case may silently sleep for years and years. When asked by The Times reporter if this were his plan, he had no comment.

I hope The Times follows this court case until the results become known. Meanwhile, maybe a class could be taught at the high school, called “Litigation, Obfuscation, Money, and Reality, 101” (open to freshmen, only).

Kenneth N. Rusczyk

Oak Bluffs