Oak Bluffs plans water main flushing


Oak Bluffs residents connected to the town water system may see discolored water when the town begins flushing water mains on October 17 to remove sediment in the water mains.

Work crews will open hydrants Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3:30 pm, for the next four to six weeks, according to a town notice. The process will begin on Barnes Road at Alwardt way.

The Oak Bluffs Water District website (oakbluffswater.com) will update the specific areas to be flushed daily.

The flushing process includes limited use of chlorine. Those who are sensitive to the chemical will be individually notified, according to the board of water commissioners.

Water district officials said some discolored water should be expected, but running the cold water tap for 5-10 minutes should clear the discoloration. If water is still not clear, residents are asked to call the water district office at 508-693-5527.