Supporting first responders, from Martha’s Vineyard to California

Adorned by the head and tail of a dragon, Steve Jones's bike has seen many miles of roadway in its day. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

On Friday, September 23, Steve Jones of Chappaquiddick left the Island for San Diego — by bicycle. He has a mission: to help emergency responders react calmly and effectively to a threat of radiation, either from a nuclear accident or a terrorist attack. To do so, Mr. Jones will provide them with free high-tech radiation monitors and a one-minute training session on responding to the presence of radiation. Barely bigger than a stamp, the monitors are peel-off plastic stickers that can be affixed to the back of a driver’s license.

Mr. Jones is a volunteer for Physicians for Civil Defense, whose mission “is to save lives in the event of disasters, especially terrorist attacks using dirty bombs or nuclear weapons.” With the inexpensive but vital tools provided by Mr. Jones, first responders will be better informed and less likely to spread the panic that usually accompanies exposure to radiation, no matter the amount.

Mr. Jones hopes to ride 50 miles each day and meet with up to 10 police and fire departments daily. For more information, contact Mr. Jones at 801-414-8138.