Roundabout – common senseless


To the Editor:

I can’t believe we are still discussing this roundabout. Common sense should prevail. We are talking about spending money we don’t have for a project we don’t need.

There are less expensive ways to solve this problem without trashing this area. I’ve been living on County Road more than 45 years and living on Martha’s Vineyard for 72 years. I use the road often and I understand the problem, but I don’t feel this is the answer. The solution could be right hand turns off the main road, and traffic lights when needed.

The reasons for this project just don’t pan out. How can safety be a reason when you have a four-way stop. If they all take off at once and met in the middle, they would be only going four miles an hour. And if the backup goes from the high school to the electric company, the other lane is wide open which gives plenty of room for an ambulance.

I also believe the opposite ends of Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road would be impacted. The whole idea is to move traffic quicker. If that isn’t so, then why is this being proposed anyway? But if you move traffic quicker, you will get to your destination sooner, impacting the Triangle and State Road intersections.

The only real problem is the holdup because of the long lines of traffic. Some of our neighbors need funds for roads. Let those who need the money have it.

I believe it’s almost criminal to move this project forward.

Richard F. Coutinho

Oak Bluffs