Grace races at Plymouth

The crew of the Pilot gig Grace: Left to right: Danielle Zerbonne, Betsy Edge, Jude Villa, Karen English, Wendy Gray, Stacie Noble Shriver, Malcolm Boyd (coxswain). — Photo by Danielle Zerbonne

A crew of Vineyard rowers trailored the 32-ft Cornish Pilot gig “Grace” off-Island on the 6 am ferry Sunday to compete in the East Coast Open Water Rowing Championships, an approximately 3.5-mile open water race held annually in Plymouth Harbor.

Hosted by the Saquish Rowing Club of Plymouth, the race included varied classes of boats, from sliding seats to whale boats and kayaks.

Grace’s crew of 6 rowers and a coxswain finished the race with a time of 53:58 and were back on-Island in time for dinner.