All-important training


To the Editor:

We heartily applaud the decision to put driver’s education back into the high school curriculum this year and congratulate Neal Maciel and Mike Dellis for taking this all-important training to the next level (Vineyard Auto School now steered by Neal Maciel and Mike Dellis, July 27.)

Not only are the students now receiving more hours of training, but they’re using simulators donated by MV Drive for Life and the Furino family to give them more hands-on experience. With more distractions now than ever — cell phones and texting among the most common — it’s vital that new drivers be taught the most current accident-avoidance strategies.

We also praise and thank Joe and Natalie Thibodeau for having devoted 16 years of their hearts and souls to teaching driver’s education and hope they’re enjoying their “retirement.”

Tragically, we’ll never be able to eliminate all accidents, as accidents by definition are unpredictable and unintentional. But Martha’s Vineyard High School is leading the way in reducing deaths and injuries by giving our inexperienced drivers the best possible training to keep them safe. We can’t give enough thanks to all involved.

Gayle and Bob Mone

West Tisbury