A beautiful solution


To the Editor:

We must stop the 2011 protesters. The protesters are tearing our nation apart. Rather, they are a symbol of what is tearing our nation apart. I think that many of us do not even truly understand what it is that they are protesting. The answer is that a large part of what they are protesting is the rapidly increasing gap between rich and poor in America.

The problem with the protesters is that many of them do not even understand what it is that they are protesting against. They think that they are protesting against the rich. The problem with their protests is that there is nothing wrong with being rich. But, there is something wrong with being poor.

And, the power to stop the protesters lies with the rich and the middle class. If we continue to fight the protesters with pepper spray and arrests, then we will only breed more protesters. For every protester we remove from the streets, two more will rise to take their place. Eventually, I will become a protester and join their ranks. The way to stop the protesters does not lie within the use of the police.

If we will alleviate the poor, then the protesters will have no reason to protest. You and I can help to stop the protesters right now. Donate money to a charity which helps the poor. Tithing (giving 10 percent of the money which you earn away to charity) unfortunately holds deep religious connotations. If you are an atheist, and religion offends you, then donate money to poor atheists. It is a solution that works.

Forced income redistribution is a terrible threat. Charitable giving is a beautiful solution. Do your part to fight the protesters. Donate now to your favorite charity for the poor.

Dick Saunders

Vineyard Haven