That man we all know and love for driving around in his big white Ford F-350, picking up after all the litterbugs and keeping Menemsha clean, has some grand news to share. Seth and his beautiful bride, Sarah Karlinsky, welcomed to the world young Miss Abigail Grace Karlinsky. Welcomed not only by her parents, big brothers Andrew, Matthew, and Nate shared in the joy of finally having an excuse to have some pink in the house. Abigail weighed in at 10.03 pounds on Friday, October 21, at 12:50 pm. Abigail’s big brothers will be sure to teach her the fine art of catching fish, enjoying a stroll on Dutcher Dock and the keen ability to sneak an extra ice cream when mom and dad aren’t looking. Welcome little miss, we all look forward to seeing you grow.

Bernie Levy celebrated his 75th birthday surrounded by his children, their spouses, grandchildren, and his wonderful companion, Suzanne Greenberg, at his Newton Centre home Saturday. It included a surprise visit from his Baltimore son and grandchildren.

Attending were Sarah and Eugene Langner along with their children Sam and Josh, Ed Levy, Julie Tishler and their children Jonah and Ezra, Dan Levy along with Annabell and Noah, Mr. & Mrs. David Greenberg, Loren Greenberg, and surrogate son Tim Carroll. Sadly, Dan’s wife Sara Cosgrove couldn’t miss work, so Baltimore is where she remained for Bernie’s birthday weekend. The festivities were rounded out with a beautiful likeness of his sailboat, Lithium, adorning the top of his spectacular cake.

Eighty: that is how many years our dear friend Buddy Mayhew has been around. I haven’t seen enough of him this past week so he must be recovering from all the festivities. Grandson Alex cooked him a mean dinner on the actual evening of his birthday. A birthday celebration was held in his honor over the weekend at the Ruimerman house, where he was surrounded by friends and family.

Last Friday was the first Chilmark School community lunch held at the Community Center. It was the first of four seasonal meals prepared by father and Chef Robert Lionette along with his staff of volunteer parents and students. With an emphasis on fostering a sense of community, eating healthy and eating local, the food is served family style at tables where children are arranged in mixed-age groups with a teacher and parent present to instill lively conversation and good manners. The meals are a wonderful opportunity to expose children to new foods and help them develop personal experiences growing and cooking healthy food. Potatoes, a highlight in the meal, came from the school garden. The children planted, nurtured, picked, and prepared.

This past weekend was filled with a seasonal event brought to us by Brian, Kari, and Bryce Cioffi. All were welcome on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Captain Flanders House overlooking Bliss Pond to crank, press, squeeze, and enjoy fresh cider made from the twenty bushels of apples Brian trucked back from upstate New York. Children and parents took turns and worked as teams while socializing, enjoying a cup and a few sweet treats along the way. A crazy game of soccer was enjoyed by many. Julie Flanders, Fran Flanders, Tom, Janet, Peter and Andrew Ruimerman, Margaret Maida, Frank and Merrily Fenner along with granddaughter Olivia Knight, Jeff, Emily, and Matthew Day, Teddy, Holly, Keira, and Lena Diggs and so many more.

I think it’s that time of year when we need to consider the ghouls, ghosts and goblins that might be frolicking around in our woods, down our streets and unlit paths. Keep an eye open Monday night as our town children head off to the Community Center for the millionth annual Chilmark Volunteer Firefighter’s Association Halloween Party. From 5 to 6 pm the Center doors will be open to all of our young children despite what their appearances may be. Decked out in masks, crazy wigs, hair curlers, you name it, we look forward to seeing it. Pizza, a costume parade, treats, and a jumping-off point for trick or treating is what the firefighters will offer. Please consider bringing a snack to share — cupcakes, popcorn balls, candy apples, pretzels or any other favorite Halloween goodies. Give me a call if you are willing to make a contribution to the snack table.

Speaking of something creepy, it’s the perfect time of year to go check out a copy of Bob Taylor’s “Jerome and the Spooky Woods” (a Scary Childhood Adventure on Martha’s Vineyard). The story in Bob’s amazing little treasure of a book is set in Chilmark and geared towards kids ages seven and up. Bob doesn’t do any advertising so I will share that it is available at Allen Farm, Alley’s, Morning Glory Farm, Bunch of Grapes, Edgartown Books, and the Chilmark and West Tisbury libraries.