Insiders at the dumptique


To the Editor:

Last week I thought I’d drive up to the dumptique and drop off a woman’s jacket that was given to me that I knew I wouldn’t use. When I got there I handed the jacket to an attendant, and they told me to just leave it there on their table, which I did. I went into the building to have a look around because it’s always fun to see what’s available, and I usually find something I can use or clothes for the grandchildren.

As I was leaving, a woman delivered some throw rugs and glasses, and I went over to the attendant and said, “I’ll take those rugs if no one else wants them.” And her reply to me was, “Well, the volunteers have first dibs on them so check back the next day.”

Her response took me by surprise. The very definition of volunteer is to render a service while having no interest in personal gain. So this has left me wondering whether the volunteers at the dumptique, who volunteered to perform a public service, have a conflict of interest problem?

Namiko Hart

Oak Bluffs