Not for my benefit


To the Editor:

I would like to make a minor correction to my letter in last week’s Times about the changing of Dukes County Avenue to one-way traffic.

The editing of my letter by The Times indicated that I owned property in the area surrounding Tony’s Market that would be affected by this change. In fact, I own property directly across the street from Tony’s, and the change to one-way traffic to expand on-street parking is considered, by those of us who own commercial property on Dukes County Avenue, as an improvement to the value of our properties.

My letter was based on fact, not personal gain. I know that is hard for some people to comprehend. It is also true that Tony’s had considered buying my property, as stated at a selectmen’s meeting, as well as the other two properties around Tony’s that are for sale. The sad thing is that if the no-parking regulations had been enforced this past summer, as they should have been, then Tony’s would have bought additional property for parking and the need for the change to one-way traffic would not exist.

My point was and is that the people voted for zoning changes creating parking regulations back in 1988, to avoid the impact this will have on the surrounding neighborhoods, and that vote was selectively ignored by the town’s planning board and building/zoning department. Incompetence or corruption? You choose. It is your town.

Donald Muckerheide

Oak Bluffs