Chappy get a clue


To the Editor:

When are the people of Chappaquiddick going to get a clue? Your little cul-de-sac of a neighborhood will not get anything from the town of Edgartown unless it directly benefits the majority of the town of Edgartown.

Chappaquiddick has approximately 100 registered voters compared with over 3,000 in the entire town of Edgartown. This means that the selectman are in no way beholden to the people of Chappaquiddick.

Other than fire department expenditures, has Chappaquiddick gotten anything it asked for? The DCPC, an extended ferry waiting lane on Chappaquiddick that was anything but a gravel pit on the side of the road, bike paths, cable, how about safety details during major utility projects — these are all examples of projects or needs of Chappaquiddick that the town of Edgartown has either ignored or basically said that Chappaquiddick as a community should deal with on their own.

Think of Chappaquiddick as a cash cow for the coffers of Edgartown. You give the town roughly 20 percent of its budget in property taxes and should expect next to nothing in return. Deal with it as there is nothing you can do about it.

Tom Williams