A dog’s view of his community


To The Editor:

As a canine citizen of Oak Bluffs, I must tell the story of my recent escape and rescue in our town. Recently, late one afternoon, I took the road less travelled down the path from the Oak Bluffs Elementary School instead of following my owner into Tradewinds dog park.

Unfortunately, dark descended that night quite early, so by the time I trotted down the sand road toward Farm Neck, my owner was far away at the airport. Being French and a bulldog, I kept circling the same area until I realized my owner was truly lost.

Luckily for me, the school was open. Seeking a warm place to play, I entered the building and began running about the school in my inimitable and curious way.

I tried impressing everyone there with my prominent ears and affectionate manner. They were very welcoming, but after rehearsal ended late that night, Mr. Weiland, the music teacher, presented me to a custodian who kindly took me home with her.

Meanwhile, volunteers were scouring the dog park, Harthaven, and Farm Neck with flashlights until late in the evening. From inside the warm building, I could not hear their whistles and calls. The Oak Bluffs police were notified. The veterinarian on duty was called.

The next morning, unbeknownst to me, my owner was contacting veterinarians, the O.B. police, the Vineyard Haven dog officer, and preparing to post my photo on MVTV, hoping someone would realize they had a most precious and beloved dog on their hands.

After my owner called people and posted photos and signs around town, I was finally rescued 18 hours later by my owner at the Animal Rescue Center in Edgartown. Happy, well fed, and energetic from my night of adventure, I was handed over to my owner the following morning.

Although losing me in the woods was not my owner’s best idea, I thank the Oak Bluffs School, Duncan Ross, Kathy Farrissey, MVTV, the O.B. police, and all the other humans for both providing me with shelter and delivering me to the safest place on MV for dogs who have misplaced their owners, the animal shelter.

If any of you humans can help this organization through contributions, I would be very grateful indeed. Please send your donations to Martha’s Vineyard Animal Shelter, 276 ED-VH Road, Edgartown, MA508 627-8662.


(Submitted on George’s behalf by Margaret Regan of Oak Bluffs.)