Blinker throughput is quick enough


To the Editor:

What I haven’t yet understood, in all of this discussion of the Blinker and the roundabout, is why on earth we would want cars to move more quickly through that area at all. On one side of the intersection, we’ve got the high school, the YMCA, Community Services, and the skate park. For most of the year the speed limit there is 20 mph. On the other side of the intersection we’ve got heavy building equipment entering and exiting from Mr. Goodale’s (now famous) gravel pit. Caution is indicated there, too.

I also don’t understand the push to get the situation resolved immediately, with an enormous construction project. The problem we’re discussing there is that people must wait in longish lines, but only at certain times of day, for just a few weeks of the year. The proposed roundabout seems like a really ugly cannon to shoot a sparrow.

Linda Garberson

Vineyard Haven