A history of compliance


To the Editor:

Town officials and Island residents have seen letters from Don Muckerheide that charge Oak Bluffs officials, Tony’s Market and us with failing to enforce or follow the town’s by-laws that regulate development, parking and business practices over the last 20 years. That is false and unfair to our town officials and to us.

Don is certainly entitled to his opinions, but not to make up charges or facts. We want people to know that since the day we opened for business in March 1992, we have been in full compliance with every order, by-law, ruling and decision of town officials and boards — including all provisions pertaining to off-street parking and deli business. No Oak Bluffs official has ever failed to enforce any town rules or regulations that apply to Tony’s, and we have never failed to comply 100 percent with them. We take pride in our record of compliance with our town’s rules and regulations. It is the right thing to do and we are proud of it.

After public meetings of the roads and byways committee and planning board in September, October and November this year, the Selectmen have taken a thoughtful and creative initiative to improve vehicular safety, increase on-street parking for residents, customers and visitors, and provide a safe walkway down the side of Dukes County Avenue. Let’s see how it works and what changes might further improve it. And let us try to work and talk with each other, so that the needs and best interests of everyone in town can be served well. Isn’t that what living and working on this Island are all about?

Dave and Ellen Richardson

Tony’s Market