Back to the drawing board


To the Editor:

I drive a bus through the intersection by the Blinker half a dozen times a day, so I read Nis Kildegaard’s attack on the anti-rotary movement (Cross-town Referral; December 1, 2011 Times) with interest.

He wonders why Edgartown and West Tisbury feel compelled to challenge construction of a roundabout at the Blinker in Oak Bluffs.

The reason is that traffic through the Blinker impacts Edgartown, Tisbury and West Tisbury much more than it does Oak Bluffs.

Opposition to the roundabout is a sincere concern of the reality-based community. There is no need to spend outrageous sums for a roundabout which is sure to challenge Islanders, as well as summer visitors.

Common sense is to install a traffic light, coordinated with volume of traffic flow, functioning from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Thereafter, revert to the four-way stop, which works well. As a bus driver, that is my opinion.

Nis worries that the plan is more than 25 percent complete. I say, take the issue back to the drawing board and address the so called “unsupported evidence” that many people voice against a roundabout.

Thomas Dresser

Oak Bluffs