Stonewalling 9/11


To the Editor:

What gives, honestly, with our representative’s stonewalling of the many intuitive questions which are being asked of the official 9/11 Commission Report, and the (mainstream) media’s apparent total lack of curiosity or interest? Why isn’t this being headlined instead of appearing in the Letters to the Editor? If our own government isn’t guilty of some sort of coverup, you wouldn’t guess it from the defensive, ad hominem way it has (not) responded to the questions (that continue to be asked only because they are not being answered). Is it ruling arrogance or simple shame at having missed something so blatantly obvious?

Here’s a fact, okay, not conspiracy theory but scientific fact that most Americans are still not aware of nor been made to ponder. WTC Bldg#7, not hit by plane, collapsed in perfect, quintessential, mirror-like fashion of a controlled demolition. Free fall speed is the smoking gun. If you don’t remember your high school physics, just ask one of your own children to tell you about Newton’s Laws of Gravity. Ask their teacher at your next conference if they’ve discussed it in class. Fire alone has never once brought down a steel building in this manner — completely, uniformly, intact, straight down, smooth acceleration through itself (with most resistance) into its own footprint, whereas it is routinely, precisely the end result desired in a controlled demolition.

So what? Well, was so much evidence withheld from the official “top-down” report intentionally, criminally, or was it sloppy oversight, either and all of which warrants a real investigation that follows, not ignores, highly evolved standards and principles of proper investigative methodology and protocols?

What do you and your friends and neighbors think? Don’t be afraid or ashamed to talk about it and challenge conventional wisdom. It’s healthy and American to want to know the truth, not ignore it or run from it in denial and fear. Go to for more valid, intuitive, scientific facts we owe it to ourselves to be thinking about and talking about, not privately but publically.

Nick van Nes

West Tisbury