Your help needed


To the Editor:

I work at the Food Pantry as a volunteer. I now get it about the hardship on-Island that justifies support for the Food Pantry. It’s real to me, now I see that it’s more than just putting some groceries in the purple boxes in the supermarket. I see the elderly, infirm, single mothers, mentally incapacitated, unemployed people come in, and they all need to eat.

A woman came by yesterday and wrote a very generous check to the food pantry. She said it was in lieu of giving her family Christmas gifts. Isn’t that a great idea? Isn’t there someone on your gift list who would love to have the good karma of a donation to the food pantry instead of another piece of stuff?

The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce asked everyone who attended their holiday party to bring something for the food pantry. Isn’t that a good idea? Why not include a request for a donation of nonperishable food to every party you give, every group function, every child’s birthday party?

The food pantry is like the ocean, the food comes in, the food goes out. The shelves are stocked and then the shelves are empty. Please do your part to make sure that there is a continuous high tide of food all winter!

Arlan Wise