Vineyard Hockey knows teamwork


To the Editor:

Much has been written over the years about our Island community and the generosity of those living in it. In hard times and good times the community pitches in and contributes to make the lives of all full in so many ways.

Vineyard Hockey has received much of this giving over the years through fundraisers. We wanted to do something in return. Earlier this fall, Vineyard Hockey chose the Island Food Pantry as its community service project for December. The idea — to fill a bus full of needed food items and other essentials for the Island Food Pantry. “Stuff A Bus” became a novel approach for the players to give back to their community, a community which has always given to help the high school hockey program. From the first phone call to Armand Hanjian to offer this unique idea, Stuff A Bus has gained momentum, which reached an all time high with a bus full of contributions from the community.

At 4 pm Friday, December 16, the first car rolled in to the Ice Arena parking lot with boxes and bags full of donations, courtesy of Mrs. Mott, MVRHS Librarian, and her husband, supporters of not only Stuff A Bus but hockey as well.

Throughout Friday night, Saturday, all day to midnight, and then Sunday morning donations came via drop-off from friends, neighbors, youth hockey teams, parents, Bruno’s Rolloff, and two ladies who made a trip to Wal-Mart to fill their car for their drop-off to the bus. These are just a few of the many people who made it a point to support the cause.

The definitions of teamwork, the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal and community-sharing, participation, and fellowship within a locality are similar in the sense of what each brings to our lives. The high school hockey program has deepened their understanding this weekend of both teamwork and community, which will continue to enrich us for years to come.

Generous thanks to Dr. James Weiss, Jimmy Flynn, MV Ice Arena, Kurt Mundt, Mike Hathaway, Coach Max Sherman, and the families of Vineyard Hockey. Most especially to our Island community for making Stuff A Bus an enormous success.

Matt Mincone

Meredith Goldthwait

Oak Bluffs