Tips for New Year’s party hosting & hopping

Find accessories in addition to outfits at Outrageous. — Photo by Katryn Yerdon

The holiday’s are not over yet. We still have the wonderful and joyous holiday marking the New Year. Whether you are planning to head out to celebrate or are having friends and family over for a quiet celebration, here are some tips to help you make this the best New Year’s fête yet.

If you find that you are heading out to a fun party, such as the big New Year’s Eve party at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown (; 508-627-7270), and need some fancy new cloths we have some stores for you.

In Edgartown, ladies could visit many stores including Outrageous, Bryn Walker, Katydid, or The Great Put On. Outrageous, a women’s clothing, accessory, and home goods store located at Nevin Square in Edgartown, has a full wall dedicated to outfits perfect for a New Year’s Eve out on the town. From dresses to pant suits, shirts, and jackets, every woman could find something here. If you already have an outfit, but want to update the look, Outrageous also has a full line of accessories. Try a new chunky necklace that can become the centerpiece of your outfit, or put on a new accent scarf or bracelet.

While there, you could take time to peruse their home goods room for unique, earthy, yet stylish home accents such as their drift wood tree that can be dressed up or down for anytime of the year. They also have a full array of throw pillows, candles, and so much more.

Bryn Walker, on Kelly Street in Edgartown and on Main Street in Vineyard Haven, offers women a contemporary, comfortable option to dressing up with accessories to take your outfit to the wow status.

The Great Put On on Dock Street in Vineyard Haven is a perfect option for both men and women who are looking to set a trend in the New Year. From casual chic to refined fabulous-ness, everyone can find his or her perfect look including the shoe finish.

Men can also enjoy Sundog on Main Street and feel comfortable shopping in a store designed just for men. Look for a new chapeau to complete your outfit and to keep you warm this winter season.

Oak Bluffs is also not to be missed when searching for your perfect outfit to ring in the new year, especially with such greats as Laughing Bear and b*tru for the ladies along with Basic’s for the whole family, all of which are found on Circuit Avenue. Vineyard Haven has so many choices it might just be easiest to take a stroll down Main Street to see what strikes your fancy.

If you are hosting a party, make sure you have plenty to eat, drink, and do, as it tends to be one of the longest parties you will host. One suggestion to keep the party going is to play some games.

For great places to find the hottest new games, or to get some suggestions on what to play, visit the Toy Box on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven, The Lazy Frog in Oak Bluffs, and Granite in Edgartown. Both offer a full selection of toys and games that can be enjoyed by the youngest partygoers to the most experienced gamer at the party.

My family, from ages 14 to 66, enjoys playing Banagrams together. This fun, fast paced version of a Scrabble game is portable and not restricted to the person with the longest, most challenging word being the winner. In this game, speed and simpler words tends to trump the verbalist.

For party favors, decorations, and serve ware, there is a plethora of options for you, from the simple to the elegant or unique. For the more colorful, kitschy party, Rosebuds on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs has a well-rounded selection to choose from, including poppers and streamers to ring in the New Year. Mardell’s on Main Street and Shirley’s Hardware on State Road, both in Vineyard Haven, have some fun decorations as well. For a more refined tablescape, think such places as Rainy Day, LeRoux, Midnight Farm, and Timeless Treasures, all on or near Main Street in Vineyard Haven, for a few select pieces to take your table or party to the next level of perfection. A new set of wine glasses, linens, or even some new candles can change the old to new, perfect for a New Year celebration.