Amazed and grateful


To the Editor:

It was absolutely amazing to arrive at the Aquinnah Old Town Hall and be amidst more than 100 friends and colleagues who made the occasion of my retirement a very happy evening for me and my wife, Nancy. There are so many of you to thank and I hope not to miss anyone.

A huge thank-you to those who planned the occasion. To the Cub Scouts and Mr. Ewell for presenting me with a special flag and federal commendations for my many years of work with the fire department. To those who cooked, served the food, took care of cleaning up the kitchen and decorated the town hall. To the folks who photographed us all.

To everyone who attended, it was wonderful to be with you. Your presence meant the world to us.

We hope that all have been enjoying the magic of this holiday season and will share in our wishes for all the very best in 2012.

Walter Delaney


Walter Delaney is a former selectman of Aquinnah, the town’s long-time town moderator, and now also the retired fire chief.