Heartfelt thanks


To the Editor,

The 15th annual PeaceCraft benefit closed its successful month-long sale on Christmas Eve, when the raffle was drawn. Congratulations to Martha Hudson, winner of the oil painting donated by artist Mark Zeender; to Arlene Harkness, winner of 100 gallons of fuel oil/gas from Vineyard Oil; and to and Elaine Eugster who won two day-trips on the Black Dog Tall Ships.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to: Eric Anderson, who donated this year’s location at 13 Beach Road, across from the Black Dog Tavern; to all the shoppers who shopped at PeaceCraft, giving holiday gifts that benefited not only the receivers but the artisans and projects working in poverty stricken areas of our world, including Haiti; to the many volunteers who manned the sale and helped set up and close up post sale; to all of our benefactors who gave their treasures to be sold for the poor.

May you all have treasure in heaven and a Happy New Year.

Margaret Pénicaud

Vineyard Haven