Rip current warning signs


To the Editor:

I am an Islander and a Boy Scout. In response to the letters and events of this past summer, i.e. several people had to be rescued from rip currents and one died because they were unaware of the dangerous effects of being caught in a rip current or how to safely get back to shore, I have approached the Trustees of Reservations and the town of Edgartown about working with them to erect rip current warning signs on our south-facing beaches.

As my Eagle Scout project, I have chosen to make this become a reality. I have put together a plan to post up to 15 professionally made and high-quality signs that not only warn of rip current dangers but also explain how to survive if you have the misfortune of being caught in one. The signs and posts are estimated to cost about $750, and I am currently in the fundraising phase of the project.

Any donations in support of this project would be greatly appreciated. Contact me at for further information. Thank you for your support.

Jesse Thomas

Oak Bluffs