I rather agree with those columnists in leading newspapers who proclaim that nothing happened this year that changes anything in our country or our world. Well, we are finally getting out of Iraq. But the Congressmen are still pretending that they are trying to balance our national budget, and no one has figured out what to do about global warming.

Not a whole lot has changed on our island either. The Island is still paying rent for our million-dollar temporary bridge and arguments continue about the terrible plans for a rotary. Prices continue to rise here and elsewhere, for just about anything you can think of.

We traveled to Virginia over the holidays and on our return we found that all the toll roads and bridges increased their prices on New Year’s Day. And we had to travel on an awful lot of toll roads.

Of course, the delight of visiting our darling granddaughters was worth every penny. Rory is six and a half, and Fiona is nearly five. We had a wonderful holiday with all our family together for the first time in six years. Our daughter Laurel flew in from Colorado. It was a grand treat for all of us. The weather was so moderate that the little ones feared that Santa would have a problem but – you know what? To everyone’s delight he came just the same. I guess magic sleds just don’t need any snow.

Of course, I don’t need snow either. I really do not like to shovel it or even play in it anymore. So I should not be selfish and deny the rest of you. I can always stay inside with a good book.

As the weather gets colder, however, you may want to think about hiring a dog walker. I have a friend in our town who is willing to go out in rain or snow to walk your dog. Call Dorothy at 508-693-2996 and talk to her.

Tomorrow evening is the first community supper at Grace Church. Dinner will be served from 5 to 6:30 pm. The meal is free though donations are accepted and you will see your friends and neighbors.

The MV Film Society opens the new year of 2012 with “The Way,” an inspirational story about family, friends, and the challenges in our ever-changing and complicated world. Tom is an American doctor who comes to France to collect the remains of his adult son who was killed in a storm in the Pyrenees while walking the Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James. Tom decides to continue on the historical pilgrimage to honor his son’s desire to finish the journey. The movie is filmed in Spain and France and will be shown at the Capawock at 7:30 pm tomorrow night.

On this Saturday as well as on January 21 and 28 you can learn how to check out free eBooks and downloadable audiobooks from CLAMS libraries for your Kindle, Nook, and other devices. Drop by the Vineyard Haven Library on Saturday morning between 10 and noon for a demonstration. Staff will answer your questions and show you how to get started.

Next Tuesday is the first session of the five-part reading and discussion series led by Dr. Sheldon Hackney on the historical meanings of the Civil War. Have we learned anything in 150 years? Each session will begin with a short lecture followed by a discussion of the topic and readings. Discussions are monthly on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm. The course size is limited and preregistration is required.

You can celebrate the 12 days of Christmas a day late with fried chicken and Karaoke Night on Saturday at Grace Church. Funds will go to building maintenance at Grace Church. Call 508-693-0332.

The MV Center for Living will honor the Scottish influence on the Vineyard with bagpipe music. Enjoy a traditional meal, that includes a taste of haggis, at lunch a week from Saturday. That’s at noon at the Grill on Main Street. The speaker is Steve Ewing and the bagpiper is Howard Wall. Reserve your $25 ticket at 508-939-9440.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out on Saturday to Judy Belushi Pisano. Allyson Wajda and Ned Orleans party on Sunday. Happy birthday to David Burt on Tuesday.

Heard on Main Street: War does not determine who is right — only who is left.