Chappy ferry goes green in refit

The On Time III prior to motoring back to Edgartown Harbor. — Photo by Steve Myrick

On Time III, one of the two ferries that carry cars and passengers across Edgartown Harbor between Chappaquiddick and downtown Edgartown, is due back in service this week, after three months of repair and maintenance.

Ferry owner Peter Wells said he refitted the vessel with a new diesel engine and hydraulic system, and rebuilt the deck, using environmentally friendly systems and materials.

Mr. Wells switched to an ecologically safe anti-fouling paint for the hull, and the new vessel will use a vegetable based oil in the hydraulic system.

On Time III was relaunched January 25 from the R.M. Packer terminal facility and yard in Vineyard Haven, where the work was completed.

Mr. Wells said the repair and refit should reduce future maintenance.

“I hope we don’t have to do this ever again,” Mr. Wells said. “We’ve eliminated all the bolting on the deck, there are no more holes in the deck so you’re not letting any water get into the deck, which was always a problem.”